Our Story

Our farm, with a legacy of over 60 years, was founded by our forefathers (Shri Thammanna and Shri Shankarappa) who believed agriculture is a noble profession with a duty to offer healthy food produce to the society while protecting mother earth. So committed they were that they considered the farm as a place of worship and would not allow footwear inside the farm. For them, the soil was a core component of farming and they made sure the soil was kept fertile using natural and organic means.

After half a century, the founding principles are still at the core of our operations and we deeply care about how our produce impacts our customers, local communities and mother earth. At a time when the food industry is moving towards 'quick and instantaneous', we are swimming against the tide by offering what is fresh, healthful and authentic.

Our journey from being an organic farm to a reputed farm-to-fork venture is really the dream our Managing Director and Mother-in-Chief Mrs. Swetha Ravindra who is always on the lookout to provide healthy, nutritious and tasty food for her family. 

While we are passionate about growing organic produce at our farm, we also tie-up with other verified organic farmers to source produce to make the pallet complete for you. 

When food options sitting on supermarket aisles (or big dotcoms) claiming to be healthy are prepared weeks and months ago, we offer food options that are harvested, prepared and delivered to you on the same day.

No preservatives, no chemicals, no gimmicks. Just clean honest food.

We hope you realize the value we bring and allow us to be your health partner for a long time to come