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A2 Paneer - Herbs - 200 Gms

A2 Paneer - Herbs - 200 Gms

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This artisanal paneer is a delight to any paneer lover as it is freshly made on the day of delivery from fresh A2 milk. This paneer is impregnated with fresh herbs such as rosemary, dill, bell peppers, etc., to give it an excellent taste. 

As this paneer is made from the freshest ingredients, without any artificial preservatives, we recommend refrigerating it when not in use. This paneer when refrigerated will last for a week. 

Usage suggestion: This paneer is so fresh, so flavorful that you can lightly sauté it with other fresh vegetables (capsicum, onions, etc.,), add eat it. You could also use it on wraps, sandwiches, pizza, etc.


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