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Freshly Made Aam Panna - 350 ml (2 Servings)

Freshly Made Aam Panna - 350 ml (2 Servings)

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Discover Farm Fresh Aam Panna, a pure delight crafted from organic raw mangoes. Experience the taste of tradition with every sip - no added sugar, just natural sweetness from succulent mangoes. Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, it refreshes and nourishes. Enjoy it solo or as a mixer for creative cocktails. 

Packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles, it's a commitment to both freshness and sustainability. Dive into the essence of summer with this revitalising beverage, straight from our farm to your table.

Serve chilled for better taste.  None of our products have preservatives and artificial ingredients. This drink will last for 5 days when refrigerated.

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