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Cold Pressed Pomegranate Juice - 200 ml

Cold Pressed Pomegranate Juice - 200 ml

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Immerse your taste buds in the sweet and tangy symphony of pomegranates, while reaping the rewards of its antioxidants and vitamins. Carefully curated from the juiciest, ripe pomegranates, this elixir is a testament to pure flavor and unrivaled nutrition.

Our unique cold-press process extracts every drop of goodness without compromising on taste or nutrients.  Sip your way to vitality and well-being with this invigorating, all-natural juice. Elevate your daily routine with the richness of cold-pressed pomegranates and experience freshness like never before.

Serve chilled for better taste. This drink will last for 3-4 days when refrigerated.

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