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Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - 120 gms

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - 120 gms

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Many cheeses in today's commercial food factories are made in bulk using milk alternatives and artificial additives. We bring you this fresh and authentic cheese made proudly at our farm using the highest quality milk. We have mastered the cheesemaking process using traditional Italian cheesemaking techniques, which are time consuming but yield the best results.

Our cheeses are handcrafted in small batches to ensure authentic flavours, you consume this and you will instantly know the difference. This fresh mozzarella can be used for pastas, pizza, salads or just eat it directly with some grapes and dry fruits.

We recommend keeping this refrigerated as soon as you receive the package and use it within one week for best taste. Weight may vary by +/- 10 grams.


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