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Farm Fresh Tomato and Basil Pizza & Pasta Sauce - 160 gms

Farm Fresh Tomato and Basil Pizza & Pasta Sauce - 160 gms

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Experience the unparalleled freshness and flavour of Satva Farm's Fresh Tomato Basil Pizza and Pasta Sauce. Crafted with care, this sauce brings the vibrant taste of farm-fresh ingredients directly to your kitchen within hours of our harvest. Our sauce is made from the finest organic tomatoes and farm fresh Italian basil, ensuring a rich, robust flavour that is second to none.

At Satva Certified Organic Farm, we are dedicated to redefining what organic and fresh means. Unlike conventional products that are designed to sit on storage shelves for months before they reach you, our products are as close to nature as you can get. Free from chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavours, each jar embodies our commitment to providing wholesome, delicious food that nourishes your body and soul.

Perfect for a quick dinner or a gourmet meal, our sauce brings the essence of an organic garden to your table. Savour the difference with every bite, and join us in celebrating the true taste of freshness.

This product will last for up to a week when kept refrigerated.

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