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Hygienically Peeled Jackfruit - Tubagere Variety - (300-350 gms)

Hygienically Peeled Jackfruit - Tubagere Variety - (300-350 gms)

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Well, what makes a good jackfruit? With over 30 varieties of jackfruit, a jackfruit lover is often confused and overwhelmed about the selection process. Also, it is no fun for someone to deal with the messy "jackster" as one needs to get messy, sticky and dirty before the edible fruit come out. 

That is exactly where we come in. Being right at the heartland of jackfruit, we not only have the expertise to identify the best tasting jackfruit, but also have the skill to hygienically peel the fruit so that you enjoy the the tasty fruit at the convenience of your home. 

The jackfruit comes in a specially made packaging to retain all the honeylike taste and texture.

The pictures shown are previously taken images of our jackfruits. While the shape and colour of the actual fruit sent you may vary slightly, you are sure to enjoy the great taste. 

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