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Pomelo - Hygienically Peeled - 250 Gms

Pomelo - Hygienically Peeled - 250 Gms

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This pomelo is from the region where best of pomelos are grown.

Pomelo is a large citrus fruit very similar to Grapefruit commonly consumed in the western countries. This visibly unattractive fruit has thick a rind that hard to separate from the fruit. We are bringing you the best of Pomelos peeled hygienically and ready to eat.

As per WebMD, the portal on Health & Wellness, Pomelo contains quite a few nutrients that would make it a good addition to a healthy diet. It also contains naturally occurring agents such as Riboflavin and Thiamine that are believed to build immunity and help fight diseases. Please click here to know about the benefits of Pomelos.

Here are the ways to consume Pomelo:

- Eat the fruit, the simplest way
- Juice it, be sure to add a bit of pepper and Himalayan rock salt
- Add it to salads
- Mix it into smoothies
- Add it to desserts, Keer with fresh Pomelo pips tastes great

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