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Immunity Mix - Organic - 120 gms

Immunity Mix - Organic - 120 gms

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We have prepared this immunity mix using leaves from Ayurvedic medicinal plants that are believed to have immuno-wellness properties. In the package, you will receive at least 4 varieties from the list mentioned below.

1. Tulasi (mix of Rama, Shyama, Vana Tulasi leaves)
2. Neem Giloy (also known as Amruthaballi, Gaduchi)
3. Brahmi 
4. Nela Nelli (also known as Bhoomi Amla, Phyllanthus Niruri)
5. Dodda Patre (also known as Karpooravalli, Ajwain Leaves, Coleus Amboinicus)
6. Ashwagandha

How to use the Immunity Mix:
1. Each day, take 1/7th of the mix ensuring all varieties of the leaves are included (supply should last for 1 week)
2. Bring 1.5 liters of water to boiling point and add the selected mix of leaves with 3 grams of turmeric and black pepper
3. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to mask the bitter taste of leaves
4. Consume the immunity drink in the morning and throughout the day

Please click on the names below to know more about these Ayurvedic plants:
Neem Giloy
Nela Nelli
Dodda Patre

Please do your research on the ayurvedic plants included and consult a medical/ayurvedic practitioner if required. The URL links provided are for your information only, we do not endorse the views of the writers. 

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