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Organic Pre-Washed Baby Spinach - 200 gms

Organic Pre-Washed Baby Spinach - 200 gms

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Our baby spinach leaves are unlike any other you would find in the market. Tender baby spinach leaves are carefully selected and picked by hand without disturbing the root of the plant. Growing and harvesting the best quality baby spinach leaves is a unique skill only to be handled by experienced workers.  We grow these using age old organic practices without any chemicals or artificial agents. 

These baby spinach leaves can be mixed in your salads to be consumed raw or used in your daily cooking. 

Please note: All our crops are grown in nutrient rich certified organic soil. We do not believe hydroponically grown produce (which has flooded the market these days) can be considered as organic as all the nutrients the plant gets are through artificially synthesized formulations.

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