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Organic Sprouts - Mixed Varieties - 130 gms

Organic Sprouts - Mixed Varieties - 130 gms

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The age-old food wisdom calls for inclusion of sprouts in your diet. Sprouts are an amazing source of nutrition packed with protein, calcium, fibre, vitamin, mineral, and enzyme; sprouts promote good health and are vital for complete development.

Our mixed sprout box will include at least 3 of the following varieties:

  1.     Green Gram
  2.     Cowpea
  3.     Bengal Gram
  4.     Horse Gram
  5.     Fenugreek

Please follow the link below to know the benefits of sprouts and how they can be used in your diet:,-mixed-sprouts-354

 These sprouts are germinated from certified organic seeds under hygienic conditions using purified water. They are offered to you at the right stage when the nutritional content is maximum.

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